Monday, November 22, 2010

Greek geek link o' the week: "The Anabasis of Xenophon with an interlinear translation, for the use of schools and private learners"

Flint's Sloan Museum

It has been a few years since we've been through the Sloan, but this post at the always interesting and amusing blog Flint Expatriates captures the quirky appeal of the Alfred Sloan Museum, devoted to Flint, and its history, with emphasis on its import for the history of the U.S. auto industry, but including other oddities!

Exit observation: Nice 'Adam and the Ants' reset Fexpat!

Match Made by the Football Gods: How to make the Lions/Pats Turkey Day Debacle watchable. (UPDATE! Scroll down!)

From my always reliable wiki-sources, comes this set of two videos from out west, featuring Montana Tech head coach Bob Green.

Now, clearly, this man needs to consider the greater good of the football world. For the good of all, and in particular, for the good of long-suffering Lions fans, this man MUST, I repeat, MUST approach the Ancient of Days, Mr. William Clay Ford and offer his services as head coach of the Mighty Detroit Leos, and he needs to do this before the immanent Turkey Day Debacle, that will be the Pats/Lions 2010 match up. It is obvious that this game will remain interesting about 1/100th of the first quarter.

Sure, it is undoubtedly true that Green will, by taking this job, suffer the fate of all Lions head coaches, serial losing seasons, and a consequent relegation to the dust-bin of gridiron history, but NFL Films super stardom beckons. Move over Jim Mora. This guy is the king.

Coach Green would even outshine old Captain Wayno (Big Buck) Fontes for entertainment value. Hey, if winning is metaphysically impossible, as is clearly the case with the Lions, why the hell not?

[Sound of newsroom typewriters busily whirring away in background] FLASH FLASH FLASH!

Bob Green announces retirement from Montana Tech! Announcement at the Lions bunker immanent?