Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Squared Debate: Afghanistan is a lost Cause

Complete video here.

AFGHANISTAN IS A LOST CAUSE (iq2us.org) from Intelligence Squared US on Vimeo.


Before the debate-

For the motion: 46%

Against the motion: 23%

Undecided: 31%

After the Debate-

For: 51%

Against: 36%

Still can't freaking make a decision OR 'damn I don't know now': 13%

According to the I squared rules (most increased percentage wins) the team arguing against the motion carried the day. Still, a bit troubling that 51% of the audience voted for.

60 Minutes story on SSG Giunta's richly deserved MOH.

SSG Salvatore Giunta, Medal of Honor

Live Feed!

and a very informative backgrounder HERE.

New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2010 Word of the Year? "Refudiate"

Governor Palin, take your bow.

The definition OUP came up with:

refudiate verb used loosely to mean “reject”: she called on them to refudiate the proposal to build a mosque.
[origin — blend of refute and repudiate]

A better one:

A blend of




A refutation is a falsification. There is no moral consonance associated with the term.

A repudiation is more of a moral condemnation.


A Refudiation is a demonstration or proof of the falsity of the premises of an action or of a proposition as well as a demonstration or proof that the action or proposition is morally wrong or inadvisable.

Bam. Add it to the Webster's man.

Cool Astronomy Pic o' the day: "Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do."

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson peers out a window of the International Space Station. Be sure to check out the linked article for more fantastic pictures.

Ground control to Major Tom...er... Dr. Tracey