Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jack Benny Turkey Day Episode, 1943 Click Here.

Episode info from the host site Old Time Radio Cat(alog):

"Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey" from November 21, 1943
Jack Benny is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year and needs a turkey for 15, but Turkeys are 55 cents a pound and Jack has a penny pinching dilemma. Jack's indecision makes him ponder about the life of the turkeys and their families in the butcher shop. Jack dreams he is a turkey and tries to catch a train out of town.

U.N. to provide no added security for south Sudanese secession vote

The vote is about 6 months away and the U.N. believes there is insufficient evidence of the need for added protection. Story here.

South Sudan has oil deposits, so there is jockeying over the exact borders between north and south.

Sudan's Muslim north and its south have still not agreed on the position of their shared border and analysts fear conflict could re-erupt in contested zones, some of which contain oil.

"There will not be UN peacekeepers on the buffer zone, it's unrealistic," Alain le Roy, UN Undersecretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, told journalists shortly after concluding a meeting with representatives from the African Union and several other countries in the Ethiopian capital.

"The common borderline is too wide and (it) is not realistic to deploy troops," he added.

So, either the southern Sudanese provide their own security forces, the African Union does so or another party (the U.S.). Scratch that. How about more TALKS. Yeah. That's the ticket:

Diplomats from the UN and the AU have announced that there will be months of "intensive" talks starting with a five-day meeting in Khartoum that begins Sunday aimed at reaching a consensus over the contested oil region of Abyei.

The U.N. has 10,000 peacekeepers stationed in Sudan, not counting its joint mission with the African Union in the western province of Darfur.

Now, since he U.N. already has a presence in Sudan..:

Most of the 10,000 are in the south and in three former civil war battle ground areas along the border. More than 2 million people died during the two-decade long war between Sudan's Islamic north and the south, where most are Christians or follow traditional religions.

It seems they would be the logical choice for providing security during the vote, agreed to as a term of a 2005 agreement. The South has reason to believe Khartoum is arming militias in the run up, to create a pretext for moving in to re-establish security know...good governance:

Southern officials have accused Khartoum of arming militias to provoke conflict and demonstrate the south cannot govern itself ahead of the 2011 secession poll, scheduled for January 9.

Le Roy however dismissed those claims.

"We can't confirm any strong buildup from both sides. They are building up defensive forces -- they are on a defensive posture, but we haven't seen any buildup of an aggressive nature from either side."

Precisely Le Roy. Why would you take the word of animists and Christians in Sudan? They have a long and undistinguished track record of exaggeration don't they? Alternate title for good Mr. Alain le Roy, UN Undersecretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations? Mr. Alain le Roy, U.N. Undersecretary-General for Peace Keeping Operations and Oblivious Analyses.