Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween is approaching. Time for some War of the Worlds.

Perhaps the most known radio broadcast of the 20th century was the Mercury Theater's War of the worlds. Less well known are several copycat broadcasts, which, like Orson Welles's production, took extensive and interesting liberties with the H.G. Wells story. One of the better is from 1968, WKBW Buffalo New York. It actually caused a bit of a panic itself, as had the 1938 broadcast. Here is more from WKBW itself. The complete audio of the 1971 rebroadcast is at the bottom of the page..or,

HERE in Windows media format.

Once you get past the hokey 1970s era disk jockeying and treacle 70s top 40 music, and into the "news coverage" portion, it gets quite good. Dig the sound effect typewriters in the background, they are ever present, even to the end. Classic 60s - 70s era radio stock audio.