Monday, October 25, 2010

Iraq War vet on Wikileaks

Some very 'spot on' observations in this Inkspots post, one minor quibble aside (I do not agree that the Iraq War was an unjust undertaking).

Well worth the read. Short version:

1. Evidence suggests that Wikileaks might have cherry picked the original docu-dump from Manning looking only for incidents that make the U.S. and our forces look like the bad guys.

2. Wikileaks, despite their grandstanding, is not the final arbiter of truth because:

a. they do not provide documents from the other actors in Iraq.

b. the documents they do provide are in themselves incomplete or first reports, fuller
information about each incident exists, and Brave Sir Julian is not going to get the
privilege of seeing them.

and the most obvious point..

c. Wikileaks is not unbiased.

Uh....Yeah. "Collateral Murder"?

John Feinstein, color analyst for Navy: Let me introduce you to The Whining Irish!

This is a good cold Oktoberfest draught from the Schadenfreude Brauhaus.

Ah. Yes.

The money section:

For years, while Notre Dame was routinely beating the Mids, all you heard from Notre Dame people was how great it was that the two schools played every year and how much they LOVED Navy. After all, Navy had come to Notre Dame’s rescue during World War 2 when the school was in financial crisis. That was why Notre Dame was happy to ‘repay,’ Navy every year by guaranteeing them a big payday. The Irish had so much respect for Navy; for the quality of the players; for the coaches; for the mission they were on; for their work ethic and their sportsmanship. It was just one big love fest.

Now, Navy plays dirty football. The coaches coach dirty football. Navy is dangerous to play against because it ‘chop,’ blocks all the time.

Hmmm. What has happened in the last three years to cause such a change? Let me think about that one for a second. It couldn’t possibly be three losses in four games could it? Notre Dame—Mensch University if you ever watch a game on NBC (or just about anywhere else come to think of it)—couldn’t possibly be, you know, bad losers?

Let’s deal with the ‘chop,’ block issue first. A chop block is, in fact, an illegal block. It is a 15-yard penalty and it is called when an official believes that a second blocker makes contact with a defender below the waist when he is ALREADY ENGAGED with another blocker. This makes sense because if a defender is already being blocked, he has no chance to avoid the second block or to use his hands to prevent the second blocker from getting his legs. It is a dangerous play that should be—and is—illegal.

During Saturday’s game Navy was called for—wait for it—ZERO chop blocks. In fact, it was called for ZERO penalties. Here was one headline in Sunday’s South Bend Tribune: “Chop Blocks a Headache for Irish.” Really?

Here’s what was a headache for the Irish: Being outplayed, outcoached, outworked and outfought by a group of kids who have absolutely no right to not only beat Notre Dame, but hammer Notre Dame.