Monday, October 11, 2010

The Cavalcade of America: Orson Welles "Admiral of the Ocean Sea"

More Columbus Day media. This time from the excellent radio series "Cavalcade of America"

Chris gets some defense from Orson Welles.

Listen here!

Happy Columbus Day link-o'rama

From the movie 1492, Vangelis's excellent score:

Was Columbus really Italian? Not according to these guys. He was Portuguese..

Unless, of course, he was Greek..

Which would be OK with Mr. Vangelis I'm sure

But, not everyone is so eager to be associated with Columbus. Here is someone who is evidently not the biggest fan of old Chris:

To be balanced with a cartoon from the wayback machine:

Ya see, he wasn't all bad kiddies.

And some balanced perspective from a Columbus fan (along with some nifty info on the mad navigational skeelz of the C-man):

How we came to have Columbus Day as a holiday:

And, just to lighten up things a bit. Chris the Colombo Man Goes Disco! [Note: the blog does not necessarily approve of all images used in this video, and disclaims all responsibility for mental harms that may be caused by same]