Friday, October 8, 2010

The ultimate one-stop-shop for Trek (original series) geektitude.

My equally geeky Trek obsessed brother sends me this link knowing it will become a target of obsession at least for a day or two. BEHOLD, THE STAR TREK PROP COSTUME AND AUCTION AUTHORITY.

A cornucopia (not a gigantic tin-foil cornucopia mind you) of authentic Trek related items for the wealthy Trekkie.

This site also provides production trivia on a daily basis, the latest having to do with the make up involved in aging the cast for the episode "Deadly Years" (especially known for its wealth of over wrought ham acting, not only from Shatner, but DeForest Kelly) from which the picture accompanying this post originated.

Now, having provided the link and the picture accompanying, I would now like to take the opportunity to quash the vicious rumor that is spreading about that picture. It is most certainly NOT a photograph of my brother and I in our pathetic last days, having been abandoned by all our family members due to our obsessive Trek compulsions, to fend for our ourselves in a painstakingly built mock up of the Enterprise we had built, said photograph having been retrieved from the future via use of the Guardian of Forever, and brought back to our time, so that all that view it may mock derisively. That rumor is completely unambiguously and categorically false.

(But, I sure do wish I could afford that Doc McCoy "hypo" that's on auction at the site if you scroll down a bit...)

Crist provides a metaphor of sorts for his own political prospects..

as well as a cheap occasion for me to invoke...

Yes, color commentary from Broadway Joe (I need little provocation):

The latest from the Intelligence Squared US debate series. On the matter of Islam.

Two brave people for whom I have great respect, Ayan Hirsi Ali and Quilliam Foundation's Maajid Nawaz, find themselves on opposing sides of this latest debate from Intelligence Squared US.

The resolution under consideration: "Islam is a religion of peace"

ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE from Intelligence Squared US on Vimeo.