Monday, October 4, 2010

Addition to ye olde blog roll..


This blog is maintained by a recent USNA grad and present graduate student Tyson Meadors, who has been in the fleet a few years now, and due to recent surgery has time to take some sort of 600 level English course that mandates, yes MANDATES blogging, for a grade.


Just think. You can take your laptop around campus, slack in other classes and GET CREDIT FOR IT. Hah!

You know you are old when you read this sort of thing and are a bit confused. I am confused. Very confused. The big wide world of technology is kicking my butt.

I distinctly remember my grad school days..banging out endless papers and a whole freaking thesis (39 separate files because the darn thing wouldn't allow files beyond a certain size) on a Brother word processor, thinking: "Oooo! Boy, is this high tech! I don't have to use white out."

Way back in the before time, undergrad, we wrote using chisels and stone, in cuneiform. I swear to all that is holy..that's the truth.

Tyson does not shy away from weighing in on the weightiest of issues, the ongoing PowerPoint Wars, and even uses the Iconic PowerPoint COIN slide from hell, that we have all come to know and love in the blogosphere, HERE.