Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Navy v Air Force 2010 Spirit Spots (plus some golden oldies)

The first up, a parody of an Old Spice commercial. That commercial is supplied as a backgrounder:

And now the Mid produced parody.

I'm on a goat....excellent.

Next up, a spot that is itself a response to a USAFA spirit spot, part of which opens the clip. I have no idea who sings the song, nor why it is that our fine young mids and cadets feel compelled to engage in choreographed dance numbers..but the choreography from USNA does look to be an improvement on the Zoomie entrant:

And now, from the vast YouTube archives, some VH1 classics. First up, more merciless Zoomie razzin' having to do with pop-music icons or something' like that..

And from the wayback machine ( two- double aught - five) merciless ribbing of the demanding physical readiness requirements and training out west in the thin Colorado air..along with what appears to be training on less than high tech flight simulators stolen from my kid's PlayStation collection.

"No zoomies were harmed in this production." Hah!