Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Roaming Noam Chomsky Road Show: unrepentant self-promoter and marketing genius? Say it aint so

Episode three of a series at the fledgling "Right Network" Dig the 'Chomsky in a Box' sets on offer at the San Fran book store. They come complete with Che T-Shirts, and a Hanoi Jane workout video. Absolutely brilliant. But you guys might be served with notice of copyright violation by legal reps of the sage of MIT.

This series is based on Peter Schweizer's book Do as I Say, not as I Do, published a few years ago. In the book Schweizer sets out to profile several left of center folks who often hold forth in high dudgeon on the evils of capitalism (lack of concern for the little guy/gal, enviro-catastrophes, military industrial collusion, etc.), yet actually live lives that in several aspects run seriously counter to their pronouncements.

Logic Note: this book is not a long exercise in ad-hominem attack, IF the purpose of the book is as I have described, to expose hypocrisy or inconsistency between words and practice. IF, on the other hand, the stated purpose of the book is to argue against the socialist, leftist anarcho-syndicalist (or whatever) political views of the folks profiled, and the proffered argument is IN THE MAIN, an exercise in pointing out the hypocrisy, then YES that would be fallacious ad-hominem. BUT, that aint the project of the book, or this video series.