Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Klingon Opera..no kidding.

Reminds me of "What's Opera Doc?"

And they've even sent an invitation to the Klingon Empire.

From the YouTube page:

We have taken the plunge!
With the start of the last leg of the project u we thought it was time to contact our most important potential audience members: the Klingons on QonoS.
The first ever radio message was sent to QonoS on Sunday the 18th of April! Translated and voiced by non other than Marc Okrand the message invites the Klingons of the Home world to attend the special premiere of the opera on our special location in Kijkduin.
Shot and edited by Eldar Gross

Eldar? Is he brother of Beldar, of the Conehead family?

Kill the Wabbit..Kill the Wabbit! or would that be Wookie? Er...Mugato..er Gorn..er..

Oh never mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EjMsySTKWo

Assymetric Cyberwarfare. How to respond?

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Watch this video...

...and then consider the following hypothetical: A state decides to undertake a large scale cyberattack on the U.S.. Suppose it is capable of breaking into our secure military computer systems, and wreaking major damage or disabling capabilities for some long period of time. Suppose it is also quite willing to engage assymetrically. By this, I mean that it will do the cyber equivalent of Hezbollah or other such fighters, hiding behind civilians or shooting from schoolyards and hospitals. That is, suppose this country integrates its military cyberstructure in some intricate way with its civilian cyberstructure/infrastructure, but does it in such a way that makes it impossible for us to respond without doing major damage, or causing major disruption to their civilian cyber structure / infrastructure. Suppose the country is not economically strong enough to take the hit, and that the disruption would bring on major hardship in the populace.

Suppose you know this, and this country knows you know this. In fact, it has designed things in just this way banking on the prediction that you will balk at counterattack because you want to discriminate.

You are the CIC. What do you order?