Sunday, August 1, 2010

Howard Zinn's Communist Party U.S.A. linkage. Despite denial, deep and long lasting

Not surprising the author of "A People's History.." was a dyed in the wool communist, but very interesting history nevertheless. The connections with Stalinist era front groups and CPUSA should give his accolytes pause.

A FOIA request was honored, Stacey McCain provides a thorough rundown of the contents.

FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership

FBI's links to the PDFs

And, direct links to the documents

100-HQ-360217, Section 1: March 9, 1949 to April 2, 1968, 284 pages

100-HQ-360217, Section 2: June 20, 1969 to August 22, 1974, 119 pages

100-HQ-360217, Section 3: August 22, 1974, 20 pages