Thursday, July 29, 2010

Compare and contrast these Blue Angel fly-along passengers

First up, Navy head football coach Kenny Niumatalolo. Mensch.

Next up Reporter Steve. Unconscious through most of flight.

Time magazine devotes cover story to misogynistic Taliban barbarism, and gives a platform to someone who is now directly responsible for its increase.

In an incredible display of moral tone-deafness, Time is, simultaneously devoting a cover story to the horrors of Taliban terror against women, while giving platform to the detestable Julian Assange, someone who is now clearly responsible for placing many Afghans in mortal danger.

Powerful video concerning the 18 year old woman who agreed to pose for the magazine cover:

And on the same website; the detestable Asschapeau is given what he wants most; facetime:

Nice work Time. Nice.

Since the embed codes don't seem to be working here are the two links, assuming they are functional:

Cover Story video

Facetime for Assange