Monday, July 26, 2010

Devastating Document Dump! Wikileaks causes what may well be a catastrophic meltdown in U.S. foreign policy community.

Maybe I should have ALLCAPPed this, or put it in red font. Gird your loins. Julian Asschapeau has really outdone himself. He's been promising a release that would leave U.S. foreign policy and intel types quivering in the corner asking for their binkies. Get ready for it...Sit Down...Take a deep breath...Drink a bracer if you need to..It's really really bad...Katrina bad...

The Pakistani ISS actively aids Islamists, and the Taliban while...get this...the U.S. Government drops buku bucks on the Pakistani government, like Homer Simpson caught in a pyramid scheme, hoping for the big payoff!

Good God! Saints preserve us!

In other news,

Planet Earth found to orbit the Sun,

Rain: Origin believed to lie in cloud behavior,

Extensive Climate studies indicate that the Summer season may be hot,

Sister Studies suggest that Winter temperatures tend toward cold.

That's the best ya' have Julian? Really?

Once again, let's go to Broadway Joe for the color commentary..

Julian, you are truly treading water, you are...


Oh, and keep wearing your tinfoil hat Mr. Assange. They are looking for you. You know...THEM.

UPDATE: Julian very impressed with himself. Aura self-reported to be awesome, majestic even. Julian tells Der Spiegel he is one tough hombre "I enjoy crushing bastards"

Ooo. Let's go to Chief Brody for fashion commentary on that nice tin foil hat of yours!