Friday, July 16, 2010

Is the Washington Post about to disclose classified information? Competing with Wikileaks?

Supposedly the information they are compiling and making accessible in a single website is all open source, but the State Dept. and DNI seem pretty concerned, and have sent out paniced instructions to employees. They have also made it clear to the WAPO that publication of classified information, inadvertent or not, will be dealt with appropriately. Bark? Bite? We'll see, in the eventuality that they do post such information.

I've posted about the press several times recently but THIS post seems to jump to mind. More particularly, this quote from General W.T. Sherman, penned in a slightly different context, yet apropos:
“They encumber our transports, occupy state rooms to the exclusion of officers on duty, they eat our provisions, they swell the crowd of hangers on, and increase the impedimenta. They publish without stint positive information of movements past & prospective, organizations, names of commanders, and accurate information which reaches the enemy with as much regularity as it does our People. They write up one class of officers and down another, and fan the flames of discord and jealousy. Being in our very midst, catching expressions dropped by officers, clerks, and orderlies, and being keen expert men they detect movements and give notice of them. So that no matter how rapidly we move, our enemy has notice in advance. To them more than to any other cause do I trace the many failures that attend our army. While they cry about blood & slaughter they are the direct cause of more bloodshed than fifty times their number of armed Rebels. Never had an enemy a better corps of spies than our army carries along, paid, transported, and fed by the United States.”
And, yes, I know, the sainted watchdogs at the Wapo are claiming that the purpose of the story is a desire to reduce redundancy and waste across government agencies by application of sunlight.

We'll see about that..

Stay tuned for the story early next week.

Doesn't matter what administration it is, what century it is, what wars are being waged.


Constant as the sun moon and stars in the sky.

Forget Zod 2010! Look who's running for state Senate in Michigan

Whose is the superior intellect?

Obviously not Khan Noonien-Singh. He misspelled his name on his campaign signage. Even eugenically enhanced..humans are prone to the occasional mistake. I wonder if the campaign manager survived the wrath of the candidate.

Can you imagine the candidate debates if televised? Gold.

Khan after having made some devastating parry:"I've done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive! Buried alive...!"

Democrat candidate whoever he/she is: "Admiral? Why are you calling me that? What planet..? ...Huh?"

Khan: [Quasi orgasmic shudder and sigh as he contemplates final victory against Admiral Kirk]

Democrat candidate whoever he/she is: "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Actually saw this sign during our short vacation trip to Michigan. Too bad about the spelling. Had to pull over and take the pic, to share with a fellow Trek geek.