Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wikileaks Pwned?

I'm not exactly sure what 'pwnage' is, but I'm using the term anyway. Wikileaks is run by at least one hacker, the detestable Julian Asschapeau.. er..Assange.. As you more than likely already know he was fed information by the equally detestable hacker Bradley Manning, which they believed would paint the U.S. Military according to tired a stereotype, as a heartless bureaucracy peopled by equally heartless killers. With glee Assange posted an edited version of his video, supplemented with libelous title and blatantly leading commentary.

After an initial wave of reaction, it seems the effect was, much to their chagrin, minimal. Many people, including myself spent a great deal of time talking about it, perhaps too much time. So, with reticence, I note in passing two things in regard to the Detestable Duo.

Manning is now enjoying the opening phase of legal proceedings that will probably go on for some time, and not turn out well for him. Hope you enjoy jail as much as your five minutes of fame, Bradley.

Secondly, Wikileaks is apparently in a tail spin. Finances are so bad that Asschapeau was unable to pony up the 30 clams it takes to maintain the SSL service necessary to keep the promise oh so prominently displayed on the WL homepage link of "secure" outlet for those that would like to submit documents for consideration.

Not only that, it seems brave Sir Julian has been on the run, and is growing a bit paranoid. He is claiming he's being harassed and, no doubt, followed by black helicopters, tailed by mysterious black cars, MIB and other nefarious forces, not only minions of the dastardly Pentagon, but agents of those noted black operators, the...


you know who they are.


They are hounding poor Julian across the globe. At least that is what he would have you believe.

But, Skippy hasn't produced any blockbusters since "CM", (even though for weeks now, we have been around the corner from a new release of some allegedly whizzbang material from the war in Afghanistan to bookend with the CM footage) his funding is drying up, people are questioning the convicted hacker's morals and it's been a month now since his secure submission page has worked. You know what that smells like?

Let's go to Broadway Joe for the color commentary: