Monday, May 31, 2010

John J. Miller has this just about right. Be fair folks.

In Memoriam

Some conservatives have criticized President Obama because he won't pay homage to America's fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery today. Instead, he will be at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois. This is a silly controversy and has the potential to make the complainers look petty. Thousands of American veterans are buried at national cemeteries that aren't as famous as the one at Arlington. These heroes are worthy of presidential visits on Memorial Day, too.

Sergeant York: The complete film

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Private Alvin York wrestles with his conscience

The Barbary Wars, Part the Third

Concluding section of the 1953 Navy documentary relating the story of the Quasi-War with France, and the Barbary Wars

President Obama: Memorial Day 2009

President Bush: Memorial Day 2008

President Clinton: Memorial Day 1993

President Reagan: Memorial Day 1984

The Fallen: U.S. Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy

The Fallen: Major Douglas A. Zembiec, Lion of Fallujah

Old Time Radio for Memorial Day: Wartime Broadcasts of Orson Welles

Gulf Screen Guild Theater - Between Americans by Norman Corwin
We Hold These Truths
Nazi Eyes on Canada - Alameda
Command Performance
Fifth War Loan Drive
G I Journal
The Liberation of Paris
Columbia Presents Corwin - 14 August by Norman Corwin
Dorris Miller Tribute

Old Time Radio for Memorial Day: "Soldiers of the Press"

A sampling of the transcribed series here. More information on the show from the Internet Archive:

SOLDIERS OF THE PRESS Soldiers of the Press is a war drama that was created in New York and syndicated by World Broadcasting System. Little is known about the series or the total number of episodes. Each episode is 15 minutes long and retold a recent news story from action during World War II. The series was narrated by United Press correspondents...

Memorial Day 2010

Arlington - Honor to the fallen

Old Time Radio For Memorial Day, "Your Army Air Forces"

Radio program, 13 episodes, from 1945. Old Time Radio Program. The first show, Interview with a Bomb. Another, on the GI Bill, another on radar.