Thursday, May 27, 2010

Innovation Survival: Innovation in Science

Presented by W. David Schwaderer. Pretty entertaining romp through science history.

This presentation examines the historical reception transformative scientific breakthroughs initially received before widespread adoption. By example, it teaches principles that can help ensure change agents personally, and their organizations, are on the delivering side of innovation's sharp edge.

Today in history. Successful 'targeted killing.' Reinhard Heydrich, ushered from existence by Operation Anthropoid.

May 27, 1942. A cooperative mission between the Czech Army in exile, and the British SOE and RAF. Complete story HERE.

The assassination account:

On May 27, 1942 at 10:30 AM, Heydrich proceeded on his daily commuting journey from his home in Panenské Břežany to Prague Castle. In a hurry, he didn't wait for the customary police escort. Gabčík and Kubiš waited at the tram stop in the curve near Bulovka hospital. Valčik was positioned about 100 metres north of Gabčík and Kubiš as lookout for the approaching car. As Heydrich’s open-topped Mercedes-Benz neared the pair, Gabčík stepped in front of the vehicle, trying to open fire, but his Sten gun jammed. Heydrich ordered his driver, SS-Oberscharführer Klein, to stop the car.
When Heydrich stood up to try to shoot Gabčík, Kubiš threw a modified anti-tank grenade at the vehicle, and its fragments ripped through the car’s right fender, embedding shrapnel and fibres from the upholstery in Heydrich’s body, even though the grenade failed to enter the car. Kubiš was also injured by the shrapnel. Heydrich, apparently unaware of his shrapnel injuries, got out of the car, returned fire, and tried to chase Gabčík but soon collapsed. Klein returned from his abortive attempt to chase Kubiš, and Heydrich ordered him to chase Gabčík. Klein was shot twice by Gabčík (who was now using his revolver) and wounded in the pursuit.[2] The assassins were initially convinced that the attack had failed. Heydrich died 8 days later from septicemia (blood poisoning).

Quasi-war with France, and the Barbary Wars part deux

There it is!!

Live Webcast: Graduation/Commissioning Day at USNA, 5-28-2010, 0900.

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Commencement speaker: Vice President Biden.
Congratulations to the class of 2010.

Cool astronomy pic o' the day: Saturn's aurora

Saturn Aurora — January 24, 2004