Saturday, May 22, 2010

Songs about America: Wakko's America

Songs about America: Ray know the song.

Flint Michigan offers Athens a panacea suggestion: Open up a theme park "Socrates World"

Hah! And double Hah!

Click the second link for a quick backgrounder on the "AutoWorld" debacle, yet another sad chapter in the History of Flint.

On a lighter note: The management of Socrates World (tm) is now taking public feedback as they build the concept of Socrates World. In particular, they are requesting ideas for rides and attractions that would be of interest to tourists. A sampling of suggestions from our steering committee, to give you some idea what we are looking for:

Thrill ride similar to Disney Space Mountain, etc.:

Plato's Cave

Beverage stop for adults:

Rene D's I Drink Therefore I am

Disorienting House of Mirrors, optical illusions, and horrors:

Hegel's Hideaway

Game Room with Norwegian themed decor (pinball, video games, prize games, three card Monty, and the like):

Ludwig's Magic Hut

Women's Apparel shop:

Artie Schopenhauer's He-man Woman's-lovers Boutique

These are but a few ideas we have had, and we invite public input, at the hearing scheduled for July 12 in the Agora

Your Socrates World (tm) team,

Ari the Stageirite, Harry the Ephesian, Demi the Abderan, Parmen the Elean.