Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Titus Lucretius Carus talks about nothing

"Nothing can be created from nothing."

Nil posse creare de nilo

(So, granted that there is something, it follows that there has never been nothing.) Ed. note

Quote of the day from USNI blog..

Pithy capturing of the essence of the risks inherent in our position, from this USNI post on the wisdom of making public the contents of our Nuke stockpile:

"There are wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. When the sheepdogs act like the sheep, the wolves are bound to win."

The discussion in the comments section is definitely worth perusing as well!

Fear the Goat: Navy Football makes annual trip to the White House for CIC Trophy

The annual trip for official recognition of Naval Academy Superiority in all things Gridiron.

The Mids will be in the top 25 in both the coaches and AP poll next year. Count on it.

Go Navy, Beat Army!

Youtube version:

From NRO Online: "Because Liberals By Definition Cannot Be Closed-Minded"

Because Liberals By Definition Cannot Be Closed-Minded

This is a pretty funny post concerning a Slate article on the latest quasi philosophical/psychological conservatives-are-flat-earther-cocooned-bozos meme that has been bouncing around the intertubes: "epistemic closure".

Take away: The author, while making noises to the effect that both left and right suffer from the dreaded disease of EC, and need to take great pains to avail themselves of contrary opinion (all done, by the way, as a public service, the title of the piece: "Bubble Think, How to escape a partisan echo chamber") when it comes down to actually listing helpful examples of EC that will aid the reader in avoiding the trap of EC, seems quite unable to populate said list of 10 cases with even one example of EC from the left. Oh..and the author seems to be a man of the left with a tinge of the libertarian about him, from a cursory glance at stories he has written (one of which is a quite disturbing defense of Roman Polanski's rape of a 13 year old. More on that particular piece of Epistemic er..openness HERE.)

Physician, heal thyself?

Pot, this is Kettle; you are black.

Oh heck, maybe I'm being unfair, and EC about this. Haven't read the Slate article myself, not yet that is...but will..I promise....

.....Update: just read it. This guy is very EC. Yes, he cites right of center folks against other right of center folks, complaining about their EC, but cannot seem to find any left of center folks complaining about fellow lefty EC.


So, am I blessedly free of EC, now that I took the risk of reading the piece from dreaded Slate?

Tuesday Blues: Professor Longhair, Boogie Woogie