Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bryan Magee discusses Spinoza and Leibniz with Anthony Quinton

Dan Dennet: Intelligent Design believers are either being duped by those that know better, or they know better, and are moral reprobates

Talk about a false dilemma! Are their not other possibilities? Does this panel entirely dismiss the possibility that at least one person who believes ID is good science, or at the very least, a respectable non-scientific explanation for aspects of reality, believes so sincerely? And why are they so cocksure that ID (which they conflate with creationism) is "perverted science" and otherwise morally reprehensible?

I think this panel would have benefited from a true diversity of representation. This video is not one I would use as a good sample of a robust and fair "debate" concerning ID, and as such is poor material for use in a philosophy class that wishes to present the arguments on both sides in the strongest possible light. I know I wouldn't use it when discussing the design argument.

Panelists, may I introduce you to...