Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CRU's Phil Jones as Nathan Thurm nervous attorney

I'm pretty sure I'm beating a dead horse with this comparison, but it's my blog an' I'll do what I want. Any excuse to post old SCTV clips:

It sure sounds from this account like Phil Jones put in an appearance that was Thurmian, all that was missing was the cigarette with growing ash.

Tall, an oblong head topped by snowy curls, glasses, shaky hands. The nerves were evident in his tremulous voice, his wild arm movements, his repeated, high-speed blinking and eye-darting. Perhaps this was just the natural reaction of an egghead boffin exposed to public interrogation.


The MPs repeatedly put it to Jones that his reluctance to share data was at odds with the principle that scientists should be prepared to have their experiments tested by their peers. "You seem to be anti-scientific," said Graham Stringer, a Labour MP and former government minister. Jones gave the sickly smile of a sheep suffering from gut rot and said, "I've no doubt sent some very awful e-mails." He seemed to be trying to making light of the matter. The committee did not laugh.

Paging Martin Short..Paging Mr. Short. Will you turn the tables on Msr. Kennedy?

[Skip ahead to the 6:12 mark if you don't have the patience to sit through this discussion. To see the whole Kennedy thing, link is above]:

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