Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowcopalypse the Music Video; Vangelis' Antarctica

Behold local natives taking the dog teams to the Food Lion, returning with essentials..toilet paper, milk, and bread..

Michael Oren on his book "Power Faith and Fantasy"

Opens with a sketch of America's first projection of naval power against the Barbary pirates.

Amazing display of maturity at U. Cal. Irvine during talk by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren

Note 1: How hard would it have been to round up all the Whoooo hooooo-ers at the first instance, escort them out and arrest? This should not have gone on as long as it did. UCI must have known this would happen. So the solution is simple: Station observers throughout the room, let the first disruption occur, observe, and remove the lot of them. Anyone whooohoooing, or taking pics/video. Bam. Done, ambassador Oren can finish his talk, and get the hell out of there.

Note 2: UCI administration, if you are genuinely interested in disciplining, make liberal use of youtube to track down people. The narcissism of self-important youth led many of them to video themselves/each other as they made their great contributions to the 'struggle'. That same narcissism of self important youth will lead them to post the video of their great efforts at the vanguard of revolutionary whatever-the-hell-it-is-they-think-they-are-doing.

Note 3: Failing the miscreants in a course is not sufficient punishment. Expel the lot. Otherwise, you invite repeats. Imploring for civility is not going to cut it as a deterrent. That's a pansy-ass reaction.

Note 4: When you invite a speaker that is likely to be a magnet for narcissistic self-important protesters, you should disallow any and all cameras, recording devices and cell-phones in the event. That will cut down on numbers of disruptions. For, hey, why bother if you cannot get your 10 seconds of fame on youtube.

Note 5: Ambassador Oren is a class act, and unfortunately, even thought he wishes the self important narcissists had stayed, for the reason that they were the ones who needed genuine dialogue, genuine dialogue is not possible with those that have made up their minds that you are the embodiment of racism and genocide.