Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Argument from Design (Powerpoint)

Something I've used in teaching philosophy of religion. Give animations time to unfold or it won't make sense in places. Watch the progress bar below as it plays. If it's crawling, leave things alone. If it stops click to next slide. Go full screen as well. Some of it is text heavy. Enjoy:

House to House author, SSG David Bellavia, blogs:

I Cannot recommend the book highly enough. Bellavia is a hell of a writer. At turns hysterical, sardonic, inspiring, and gripping, the book doesn't let you put it down. His ability to present the full character of the people he served with is enviable. The account of Bellavia's hand-to-hand fight with a drug addled insurgent in an Iraqi house, and the portrayal of the final death blow as they clutched is perhaps the fiercest narrative of mortal combat I have ever read. As I read it I had the distinct physical feeling of pulling away from the combatant clutches as if I was in that fight! A must read.

The fact that this blog is now on the inter-tubes leads to an obvious question, given Bellavia's writing skills: Why did it take him so damn long long to decide to blog?
As a first read check out his post about the Army Times best military books of the decade. Several titles are conspicuous by their absence, including House to House. Also not included on that list: Bing West, Michael Yon, Dr. Richard Jadick, Marcus Luttrell.
Whisky Tango Foxtrot?
Included on the list, one book that defines moral failing and blaming everyone but yourself: The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell. Crawford can definitely write, but.. damn. Man up and take some responsibility for yourself. And Jarhead? Really? One of the 10 best?