Friday, December 4, 2009

CBC's Rex Murphy of "The National" on Climategate

"The stink of intellectual coruption is overpowering."

Clive Cook

Further info on the flight 297 story.


And an account allegedly from a Chaplain that boarded the plane after it had returned to the gate.

The Snopes entry is evolving, and seems to corroborate much if not all of the story.

Stay tuned..

Stockdale Center Ethical Decision Making Simulator Appears in the WAPO

This is an article in today's Washington Post about one of our interactive ethical decision making simulations, one that you can experience yourself, by clicking HERE

"Last Call" is one of a series of products we are proud to have produced at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. With funding from generous alumni, including Mr. Paul Tuttle Jr. (His blog, "Unfunded Liabilities" is linked in my blogroll), and Stephen Newberry and in partnership with the film company WILL Interactive, this product was our first baby, so to speak.

Produced in 2005-06, it is the first of what are now 4 different simulations that attempt to emulate the difficulties for ethical decision making that are presented by temporal constraint. Real life involves temporal constraint. Often, people have only seconds to make decisions whose consequences are large with moral import. This is something for which it is difficult to provide adequate training or preparation in the standard classroom setting, using prose case studies. While there is a secure place for that standard approach to ethical education (there is nothing like a thorough discussion guided by some peripatetic Aristotle after all), real life doesn't give you time-outs to discuss things. So, in addition to familiarization with the tradition of ethical thought and leisurely paced if rigorous discussion of case studies, it is advisable to have supplements like this simulation.

The link above will take you directly to the "Last Call" zipfile. You can download it, and give it a test drive. Actually, it's yours to keep. No kidding.

If you would like to acquire not only the program but also the facilitator's guide, go HERE

The files are located a bit down the page.

Warning Will Robinson! "Last Call" is a PC only program (for now...we're working on it MAC people!)

Also, important to note: it is a ZIP file, so after you download, you'll have to use a program such as "winzip" to unzip it. Only then will it be fully functional.

Once you do, you're set. You too can play Brian as he wrestles with the tension between loyalty and duty.

Oh..and to answer one of the questions posed in the article; what would Socrates have done?

Socrates would have done the right thing, THEN he would have gone to a drinking party, insisted on staging an all night discussion of the true nature of love, outlasted all the other symposiasts staying well awake and sober into the morning, even while drinking the same amount as they.

Hey, he used to walk around barefoot in the dead of winter on military campaigns. Socrates was one tough hombre, even if a philosophy

NATO nations ponying up with circa 8000 troops for Afghan surge?

Yup. Looks like it if this NYT report is accurate.

Eastern European allies are stepping up to the pump.

Give Madame Secretary Credit here.

Also, note that the July 2011 withdrawal date is causing concern, just as predicted. Madame Secretary is 'exasperated' by Republican concern, BUT, the article cites anonymous Brit sources as being concerned as well. The admin. will have to make very clear that CONDITIONS will dictate pace of withdrawal, or they will have a hard time keeping NATO contingents in theatre. Better, still, they could withdraw the withdrawal date.

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