Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terror incident on Airtran Flight 297, Atlanta to Houston, Nov. 17

The Account, thanks to the blog Nobody Asked Me.

11 guys make a point of behaving as if they are terrorists, doing things like loudly talking on cell phones, belligerently refusing flight attendant requests to sit down and turn the phones off and doing so by yelling at them using the term "infidel dogs", playing porno on a laptop, while advertising the fact.

Fortunately two passengers (one a navy vet) were having none of it. So, they took it upon themselves to subdue two of the men. Finally, TSA agents show.

The 11 are forcibly removed from the flight, only to be allowed back on!

The original flight crew refused to fly. Passengers left, so many in fact that the flight, 297, Atlanta to Houston, was cancelled.

This raises obvious questions: Attempted hijacking? Probably not. How about a dry run? Test of the TSA and a prodding for exploitable vulnerabilities?

Or was it a deliberately provocative opening phase of what has come to be called 'lawfare'? Does anyone remember the 'flying Imams' case from a while back? They won their case.

Similar MO here.

Whatever the ultimate intent, it was obviously an act of terrorism. That intent, we can be sure of. Even if they were just sick sadistic bastards who enjoy picking on flight attendants, and that was the only thing they set out to do, it was intentional action aimed at creating terror on that plane, pure and simple. They should be prosecuted under anti-terror laws, and become intimately acquainted with one or more gentle citizens of a federal pen.

Kudos to the two Texans for taking matters into their own hands. Gotta love those Navy guys.

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