Friday, September 25, 2009

The Battle of Salamis, Sept 27-28, 480 B.C.

You Tube Style:

The first: pretty effective, even though the Ben Hur clips are a bit anachronistic!

Themistocles' background is included in this History Channel clip:

The aftermath of the victory, as told by the PBS 1999 series "Empires." Themistocle's was shunned by the very city he saved, after the danger had passed. He ended his days in Persia as governor of Magnesia.

In a short period of time this victory made possible Periclean Athens, cultural beginning of the West, and ultimately a tragic example of the Greek's own concept of hubris.

This is indeed a great production.

The introductory 9 minutes of this 3 part series:

Ten years before the Battle of Salamis:

490 BC, The battle of Marathon an unlikely Athenian victory against the Persians:

And the introduction of Themistocles, who fought at Marathon and knew the Persians would return, and began to prepare:

Along with a retelling of the battle itself, and events leading up to it, events subsequent (including the Peloponnesian war, and the trial and death of Socrates) via..

The entire series:

Now you know where the blog's banner pic of that stern looking fellow came from! All he lacks is some sort of battle scar across his face. Themistocles was, by all accounts one tough dude on top of being a gifted strategist, crafty politician, and persuasive speaker.