Friday, September 4, 2009

Intelligent Design: Two debates and two long-form presentations, one for, one against

Who makes the best case?

First the debates:

Does Science Point to Intelligent Design?

Next, William Dembski, for:

And to round things out, Ken Miller, making the case against:

Pete Hegseth, National Review Online, on Afghanistan

Perceptive post. Hegseth and McCain argue that there is a moral obligation to our troops to either give them what they need, both strategically, and materially if we intend to stay in Afghanistan, or pull out if we do not intend to follow through to a sustainable defeat of the barbarian.

I would only add that eight years on, there is a further moral obligation that argues for the first disjunct.

We, as a nation that has toppled the Taliban, have an obligation to Afghan non-combatants. To pull out in the fashion that George Will and others now advocate would be to all but ensure that those that are presently cooperating with us, training with us, and in short, trusting us, will be imperiled. To pull out would all but assure their deaths. This we cannot do. Let us not repeat the mistake of the first Gulf War.

Lasting Ramifications by Pete Hegseth on National Review Online

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The virtues of the National Health Service (NHS) according to the British band "Madness"

Inspired by the experience of keyboard player, Mike Barson and his mum.


Well Mrs.Hutchinson you’re looking healthy
But just in case here’s a pill a remedy
Well Mrs.Hutchinson this is something
That little upset I thought I’d diagnosed
Well not to worry it’s not what I supposed

You better sit down son your mother’s very ill
We may have to operate it’s more than just a chill
But don’t you worry it’s all in competent hands
We believe it’s under the ribs or one of the glands

Well Mrs.Hutchinson eat up your breakfast
Don’t smoke it stunts your growth
Stick to your diet let’s hope that you’re insured

Well Mrs.Hutchinson you must be very pleased
To know you’re leaving here we’re going to miss you so
Hold on here comes your son again

Are you thirsty son I think you’ll need a drink
There’s been some complications she’s very near the brink
I have to tell you it’s my duty to speak
Your Mother will not last the week