Friday, August 28, 2009

IRAQ THE MODEL: Foreign Direct Investment Magazine Names Al-Anbar Governor "Global Personality of the Year"


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You think governors here have it hard..

480 B.C. The Battle of Thermopylae: You Are There.

You didn't think a blog named after the key figure in the Persian Wars wouldn't let this 3 day period go by without some sort of post regarding that conflict did you? 2489 years ago August 27 -29 this battle that inspired "The 300" and other works of literature and fiction took place at a narrow pass in Greece.

Aside from the recent graphic novel and film, there are lesser known, but equally engrossing portrayals of this pivitol event in Western History. Here is my favorite. It combines two of my interests, OTR and the Persian Wars. Doesn't get much better.

This is from the CBS Radio Series "You Are There" which was really quite clever. Each episode treats a famous historical episode as if a modern radio news organization is covering it.

You Are There:The Battle of Thermopalae, Original Airdate, April 23, 1953

Still waiting on that "You are There: The Battle of Salamis" to give Themistocles his due.

And some History Channel CGI:

Decisive Battles- Thermopylae

And, of course, the not exactly historically accurate, but visually stunning "300"


And finally, a link to part one of the hokey 1962 Hollywood rendition in which Themistocles does make an appearance

The 300 Spartans:

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Given all these which is the best? I say, the You Are There entry still tops the list.

Should we mourn someone who can joke about this?

Offered without comment:

NATO: Afghanistan's Road to Stability

A must watch in 3 parts. Very interesting, and cause for hope: