Sunday, August 2, 2009

BDS to the Left of Me, ODS to the Right!

In case you didn't know, these acronyms defined: Bush Derangement Syndrome, and Obama Derangement Syndrome:

Polls show significant numbers of people from both major parties believe in nefarious conspiracies. According to the "truthers," primarily denizens of the left, Bush, Darth Cheney, or their hidden puppet masters somehow were either behind the events of 9-11 or knowingly allowed them, so that they could gain Absolute Power (tm), BWAHAHAHAHA!

According to the "birthers," Obama was really born outside the U.S., and has somehow enlisted the state of HI and a hospital in fraudulently claiming otherwise. He too might be controlled by nefarious hidden forces. BWAAHAHAHAH!

To coin a phrase: Bad Craziness.

Birthers? Why didn't the Truthers get all this attention? Washington Examiner

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