Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Detroit Lions Champs of 1957

Courtesy of 'VolBrian' over at "Pride of Detroit" This is the last glimpse of championship glory for the mighty Leos. Those days are long gone in more ways than one! Oh well, at least we have the Wings.

VolBrian's grandfather was on the coaching staff in the 50s and was enticed away by the Bills, concomitant with the downturn in Lion luck. (Of course Bobby Layne purportedly put a curse on the club when he was traded to the Steelers, the Lions of the 50s, if you know what I mean.) '57 was Layne's last season. Lost his job due to injury. As you can see here, Tobin Rote took over duties admirably.

So did the exodus of one or both of these gents cause the downturn, or do we have a mere coincidence of events, and no causation? You make the call.

An Excellent Primer on Just War Theory, Applied to IDF's "Operation Cast Lead"

Asa Kashar presents a clear, step by step application of traditional Just-War categories (just cause, last resort, proportionality, and discrimination) leading to the conclusion that Israel's actions in Gaza 2008, were morally justified, both ad bellum and in bello.

The Just-War categories are applied "externally" and "internally." By "external" the author means to come at these questions from the point of view of Israel's relations to outside state, quasi-state, and non-state actors such as Hamas, PA, and the Lebenese government. By "internal" the author means to argue from the point of view of Israel's obligations to its own people and institutions.

A good argument and a good example of applied ethics.

Click the post title to read the entire argument.

Kashar's concluding paragraphs:

All military actions carried out during Operation Cast Lead should undergo a professional, thorough, and detailed investigation, just like any other non-routine and complicated professional operation. Moral, ethical, and legal evaluations of specific actions can only be undertaken through the methodical and systematic framework of a professional inquiry. Only on the basis of these inquiries will it be possible to arrive at a general conclusion regarding Operation Cast Lead. Allegations of war crimes against Israel or its soldiers, which started at the time of the operation and continue today—long before these inquiries have been completed and the lessons drawn from them made public—are neither objective nor serious. The ease with which they are made serves as sufficient proof that they draw their inspiration from the deceitful propaganda of Israel’s enemies.
I shall conclude my essay with two comments. In his Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle wrote, “it is for a noble end that the brave man endures and acts as courage directs,” which, according to a Jewish commentator, refers to “those who endanger their lives in war to save the community.”31 I am deeply impressed with the courage displayed by each and every one of the soldiers who participated in Operation Cast Lead and their commanders. They acted and suffered “for a noble end,” and endangered their lives “in war to save the community.” I would like most of all to commemorate the four officers and six soldiers who died in combat, along with the three civilian casualties, and to pay my respects to their families. At the same time, I am deeply grieved on behalf of each and every one of the harmless Palestinians who were not involved in terrorism, but nonetheless died during the operation due to the malicious designs of Hamas.